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Architectural Professional Indemnity
Group Insurance Scheme
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Architectural Professions

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of Architects

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building industry

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Why do you need Professional Indemnity:
According to the Architectural Profession Act (Act 44 of 2000), each person practicing architecture, be it as an architect, architectural technologist or draughtsperson, MUST be registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.

As with every profession, registered architectural professionals adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct (Board Notice 154 of 2009) wherein it stipulates:
A registered person shall only undertake to perform architectural work where the registered person has clearly set out the terms of the appointment, which inter alia include “details of the professional indemnity insurance.”

How much to insure for:
  • A rule-of-thumb or bench-mark could be ‘double your annual income’.
  • Consider Nature of Services, Type of Construction, Value at Risk & “Nature of Client” and Type of Partners (if any).
  •  Consider upping your excess for a lower premium.
  •  Involve the client where extra-ordinary high PI cover is called for 
  •  Any Foreign engagements inwards or outwards from RSA, please contact the Scheme Managers as there are often complexities in coverage and legalities.
  • Do not allow a break in cover.

What does PI Insurance cover you for:
  • Actual or alleged breach of professional duty
  • Negligence or wrongful acts, errors and omissions
  • Loss of Documents and/or data
  • Legal defence costs
  • Fee recovery
  • Joint venture and subcontracted duties
  • Public Liability

What if you don’t have PI Cover:
This is not advisable! If you do not have PI Cover and insist on practicing Architecture note the following:
  • Do the work well – there is no room for errors
  • Be conservative – don’t try out new initiatives or innovations
  • Be extra diligent
  • Don’t accept high risk work
  • Be sure that your personal assets are protected against claims and against your practice

However there is no guarantee that you will not have claims instituted against you – you could still face claims.

Pertinent Legal Advice:
This is available free to members via the scheme managers.
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