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Architectural Professional Indemnity
Group Insurance Scheme
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Architectural Professions

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Responsive to changes in the industry

Endorsed by the SA Institute
of Architects

Overseen by professionals in the
building industry

Channels open for communication
with insurers

One of the benefits of being a member of a regional architectural institute is that you qualify to obtain Professional Indemnity through APIGIS.

The success of the scheme has provided for additional benefits to be added to the standard PI cover, at NO additional cost to members of the scheme (conditions apply).

These benefits include:
  • Run-Off Cover:
    Contribution to the Run-off Cover required for retiring practitioners who has been with APIGIS for the preceding 3 years (50% towards the minimum cover premium for the 2nd and 3rd years of run-off cover) However it remains the practitioner’s responsibility to claim the  amount from APIGIS.
  • Contribution to Excess Payment in the event of Claim:
    Should an excess be payable, the APIGIS Trust will under good housekeeping conditions,  contribute 50% of the payments (up to R25 000.00) if the practice is insured with APIGIS. It  once again, remains the practitioner’s responsibility to claim the amount from APIGIS..
  • Legal Advice:
    Pertinent and Limited Legal Advice is available to members via the Scheme Managers.

Specific benefits are only available to APIGIS policy holders who comply with the full criteria for eligibility of the Scheme. The Trust / Trustees will not be held responsible for non-payment of additional benefits to practices that were not eligible for participation in the Scheme and/or due to the Scheme Managers not verifying their eligibility before issuing of policy.
What are regarded as “good housekeeping”

  • An agreement must be in place, setting out:
    • The Services being provided
    • The required deliverables
    • The remuneration
  • Instructions and key events to be recorded so that it can be tracked (in writing)


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