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Architectural Professional Indemnity
Group Insurance Scheme
why choose us? Tailored to the needs of the
Architectural Professions

Competitively priced

Responsive to changes in the industry

Endorsed by the SA Institute
of Architects

Overseen by professionals in the
building industry

Channels open for communication
with insurers
About Us

The APIGIS Trust was registered in 1999 and has stood the test of time. Success of the APIGIS PI Scheme can be attributed to its responsiveness to statutory and organisational changes, new directions and inter-relationship between professionals in the built environment industry.

Some years back PI Insurance was proving costly and difficult to come by. Ronald Remmers, a member of the PIA, instigated a tailor made insurance for the members of SAIA with help from the professionals in the field.

The end result was affordable PI Scheme overseen by architect trustees in the APIGIS Trust. This has essentially given architects access to competitive rates, collective bargaining power and effective interaction with insurers.

The Present Trustees are:

Richard Honikman Cape Institute for Architects
Charles Louw Eastern Cape Institute of Architects
Wendy Salter Border-Kei Institute of Architects
Su Linnings South African Institute of Architects

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